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2024 | 15 Minutes | Action/Horror/Thriller

A battle scarred young woman held captive by a religious rehab cult begins to resist their indoctrination after the lover they executed comes to her from beyond the grave.

Black Static will debut on the festival circuit in 2024.

Starring | Rylee Marshall, Connor Alexander, Maureen Kedes, Bert Rotundo

Crew |  Produced by Alec Berger. Associate Produced by Alexcina Figueroa. Cinematography by Eli DiFiore. Production Design by Mercedes Hachuel. Art Direction by Nina Borghi & Justin Olthof. Costume Design by Tess McLeod. Makeup Department Head - Amanda Robbins. First Assistant Direction by Dain August. Editing by Stephen Boyer. Original Score by Katya Richardson. Stunts and Armory Services by Sword Fights, Inc.

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