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2020 | 15 Minutes | Action/Horror/Thriller

A battle scarred young woman held captive by a religious rehab cult begins to resist their indoctrination after the lover they executed comes to her from beyond the grave.

C.R.T will debut on the festival circuit in 2021.

Starring | Rylee Marshall, Connor Alexander, Maureen Kedes, Bert Rotundo

Crew |  Produced by Alec Berger. Associate Produced by Alexcina Figueroa. Cinematography by Eli DiFiore. Production Design by Mercedes Hachuel. Art Direction by Nina Borghi & Justin Olthof. Costume Design by Tess McLeod. Makeup Department Head - Amanda Robbins. First Assistant Direction by Dain August. Editing by Stephen Boyer. Original Score by Katya Richardson. Stunts and Armory Services by Sword Fights, Inc.

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