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2018 | 3 Minutes | Official Music Video

Stuck with his band playing a dead end dive bar in the middle of nowhere, Chris dreams of rescuing his dream girl and escaping into the sunset. If only life were that simple.

Starring | Chris Kircher, Lexi Simonsen, Kristopher Blount, Noah Kaplan, Anthony Kirlew, Sam Uehling.

Crew |  Produced by Devon Young & Ryan Rosenblum. Associate Produced by Brayden Smith. Cinematography by Eli DiFiore. Production Design by Makenzie Hart. Art Direction by London Lane. Makeup by Amanda Robbins. Assistant Direction and Editing by Stephen Boyer. Best Boy Electric - Alec Berger. G&E Swing -  John Chigas. Gaffer - Justin Juntilla. Assistant Camera - Tyler Osika. Best Boy Grip - Scott Tinkham. Key Grip: Walter Watkins. Assistant Camera - Parker Wood. Music by Chris Kircher AKA Lokl Yokl. Stunts and Armory Services by Sword Fights, Inc.

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