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satan sevens poster-last.png


2020 | 3 Minutes | Action

Pursued by the FBI, a team of the world's most dangerous women model their vigilante crimes on the seven deadly sins.


Satan's Seven is a concept trailer for a feature-length action/thriller.

Starring | Daniella Castoria, Maddie Stroud, Connor Alexander, Lexi Simonsen, Kaylee McGregor, Kelly Connaire, Jacqueline Doke, Emily Gardt, Corinne Levy, Chris Kircher, & Grey Bawden.

Crew | Executive Produced by Brian Danner. Produced by Alexcina Figueroa. Cinematography by Michael Woloson. Production Design by London Lane. Art Direction by Melissa Hartman. Assistant Direction by Al Baker. Editing and Sound Design by Gregory Foltynowicz. Stunt Coordination and Fight Choreography by Brian Danner. Stunts and Armory Services by Sword Fights, Inc.

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